Writing out your plans promotes a focused mind

Have you ever felt like there is just so much going on that it's difficult to focus?

When we feel overwhelmed, our thoughts become muddled and foggy.

Here's a quick trick to get you back on track as soon as possible: Write out your plans to focus those muddled thoughts.

A focused mind promotes focused thoughts

Tasks versus goals

Sitting down with my planner, it's easy to come up with a bazillion (scientific term, of course) things to do.

You know what's tougher than that?

Figuring out what all those tiny to-dos add up to.

Tasks are to-dos you cross off a checklist. Goals are achievements you fight tirelessly to attain.

Collections of tasks will help you accomplish goals.


The strategy to flip your brain into focus

When I realized I was struggling to get all my tasks done and was not accomplishing my goals, I decided to flip my strategy.

I got so lost in the weeds of day-to-day tasks, I didn't stop to think what the big picture was.

What if I thought big, then made a list of the tasks I need to do to get there?

If you want to flip your brain into focus, do this: Look at your big ol' list of things to do and ask yourself what you're trying to accomplish. What truly needs to happen today to get you closer to your larger goal?

Write down what needs to happen today. That will help focus your mind...and in turn, clarify your thoughts.

If you can't write your thoughts, they're not clear enough.

It's so important, I'll say it again: If you can't write your thoughts, they're not clear enough.

If you can't put your goals into words, they're not clear enough.

Consider this the kick of encouragement you were looking for to jumpstart action toward your goals.

What are some ways you re-focus your thoughts when you realize the train flew off the track?

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