When Overwhelm Begins To Take Over, Here’s How To Handle It

Feeling overwhelmed? I'll show you how to handle it.

Overwhelm works in an oddly smooth way. It creeps in quietly, begins to take over your thoughts and actions, and can eventually wreck your productivity and progress.

It can be debilitating, but you're on the road to action.

Action beats overwhelm any day.

Let's pretend going through your day is like driving a car.

Some days, you drive along smoothly with only a few bumps in the road, which you brush off as part of the driving experience.

Today doesn't feel as calm as that.

Today feels more like you were driving along just fine until, suddenly, the ground opened beneath you and sucked you in to the deep, dark, boiling depths of Earth's mantle.

I get it.


You can fix it.

You can handle overwhelm better than it can handle you.

Here's how you're going to fix it in 4 simple steps.

  • Stop everything you're doing for 5 minutes.

    Turn off your computer screen, turn your phone over, and have a few moments to yourself. Take this time to breathe. In the next steps, you'll recalibrate and get back to productivity.

  • Pull out a piece of paper and a pen.

    Don't turn on your computer screen. This is part of separating yourself from the rest of the world for a few moments to get real with what's going on.

  • Write down the top 5 things that you must get done today.

    Prioritizing is the word of the day here. It's not easy, but it's critical to making progress. Also, finishing 5 things today is still easier (and more productive) than trying to get 5,000 things done.

  • Take a deep breath and dive in.

    Instead of swimming around in confusion, you're diving in and getting things done. Keep that list of 5 things right next to you while you go back to work. Turn on your computer screen and get going.

    You're back on the right track, and you did it all yourself.

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