My Saturday morning wake-up call

Saturday morning arrived beautifully.

The delicate spring sunshine streamed joyfully through my window as I slowly slipped out of bed, enjoying the buttery light. It felt peaceful and refreshing.

Until I stepped into my living room, where a week full of living (mostly spilling out of the sink and on to the counters) awaited.

Yikes! That wasn't what I was looking forward to on my relaxed, beautiful weekend morning

Oh, clutter regret, how I loathe you!

Clutter regret is that special feeling reserved for the moment you look upon the disaster area which is your living space after a week's worth of too much procrastination.

I sipped my morning coffee and did my best to avoid the dishes piling up in the sink. I also tried to pretend my laundry room didn't exist.

I drank my coffee. I washed and styled my hair. I was about to paint my nails, and I had a thought:

If I paint my nails now, I'll complain even more when I have to get my hands wet washing dishes and fussing with laundry.

I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to get my chores out of the way. I really wanted to paint my nails, but I was going to use it as a thinly-veiled excuse to get out of chores for another day.


I decided to move forward and stop putting off my chores.

I decided to move forward and stop putting off my chores. It turns out, I spent more time trying to put them off than I spent actually completing them.

I kicked it into high gear for a couple of hours and made my living space feel fresh again.

I've gotta say, the feeling of accomplishment I felt after cleaning up felt much better than having freshly painted nails (or any other form of procrastination I created for myself).


We all get behind sometimes.

Life happens, and we all get behind sometimes.

That's perfectly normal, and it's okay.

It's important to stop feeling regretful about getting behind and move forward with life. Tackle the chores you've been dreading. Take an hour to do it, and I promise, your quality of life (and time spent relaxing) will improve.

Make relaxation feel better by getting your stuff done.

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