Life transitions usually don't come with a lot of free time.

Especially in times of transition, life gets so busy.

For example, you might be moving to a new city to start a new job.

Between packing up your kitchen and figuring out how to transport your grandmother's heirloom china cabinet, you don't exactly have time to hit up the mall and run around town to find new clothes for work.

What is a busy person to do?

If you want to save yourself time, money, and hassle when it comes to shopping, you're in the right place.


Your secret weapon: Amazon Prime.


Amazon Prime has grown over the years, and they offer many brands you'll find in Dillard's, Macy's, and other department stores.

Best of all: With your Prime membership, you'll get free shipping and free returns. No restocking fee or need to run across town to make your return in store.

Here's how your easy shopping excursion works

  • Start a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

    If you end up loving it, invest in a membership for $10.99/month (great for a short-term option) or for $99/year. Here's the info you'll want to read to decide what you'd like to get right now.

  • Shop away!

    In the sidebar, refine your search by "Prime Eligible" and "Avg. Customer Review" to 4 stars. This way, you'll shop only for items that have free shipping/free returns and are well-rated. As long as the item is fulfilled by Amazon, it is eligible for free returns.

  • Order and wait just 2 days.

    When you order, you are guaranteed to receive your items in 2 days. (Sometimes, I get mine even sooner!) Try on your new clothes. If you love them, keep them. If you don't love them...

  • Make a return.

    Wrap the clothes back up in the packaging they came in. Make a return request on Amazon (it's super easy), let them know it didn't fit right, and print off the packing slip and mailing label they give you. Include the packing slip in your bag/box along with your clothes, and tape the mailing label on there. Within 30 days, send your package back to Amazon for a full refund.

    For more help on Amazon returns and refunds, check out this handy help page.

FAQ: Where do I drop off my package to be returned?

If you live in an apartment complex, take your return package to the concierge or front desk to be shipped out for you.

Otherwise, you can drop by a shipping store (UPS Store, Fedex, Staples, or Office Max) sometime when you are out on your next errand. Since a UPS driver picks up and drops off packages at those locations daily, someone will be happy to put your packing in the pick-up bin for you for free.

I'm an Amazon addict now.

Using Amazon Prime, I save money by finding better deals than some offered in store and not paying $5.99 restocking fees plus return shipping on multiple items.

With so many options, it's easy to find something in my size, too. Unlike a regular retailer, I don't have to hassle with what limited sizes are available at a particular store location. (No more wasting time running around town to find that skirt in that size!)

FAQ: Can I use AmazonSmile with rebate sites like Ebates?

Unfortunately, no. Since AmazonSmile and sites like Ebates each require a special URL, there is not a way you can shop through both portals at the same time. Darn!

Use Amazon Prime as a tool to make your life easier.

Using Amazon Prime as a tool to shop for my clothes has helped me create the lifestyle I want. I'm able to keep only the items I love and not feel bad or hassled about returning the rest.

Who has time, money, or space to waste on anything they don't absolutely love? Not you or me!

When you shop on Amazon, be sure to make your purchase through AmazonSmile. At no extra charge, you can support a charity of your choice with your purchase. If you want more information, I go into more detail about AmazonSmile here.

Amazon Prime saves me time, money, and hassle, and I hope it can help you, too.


Want to save some money? Check it out!

Sami is the creator of a blog called Broke, Young, and Scraping By. She wrote a post to share her tried-and-true way to save money shopping online.

For Riddlers, she's even giving specific ways to use her method for Amazon purchases. Woohoo! Go check out Sami's blog and learn a great tip to help you save money while you're on your Amazon shopping excursion.

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