Name of the game: Plan ahead to get ahead

Looking at the week ahead of you can give you the shivers...or the smiles!

Prepare for a happier week ahead of you by doing two easy things.

1. Do one thing for yourself

Take some time to do something for you. It's important to recharge and rejuvenate, especially when you've got a big week ahead of you.

What does rejuvenation look like to you?

Maybe it's cooking a recipe you've been wanting to try, but haven't found time to do it yet. Maybe it's going for a run with your dog in the park, or getting your best friend to go to the mall with you. Maybe it's ordering delivery and watching your favorite feel-good movie.

Think about what activity will lift your spirits and propel you forward into a great, productive week...and do it!


2. Do one thing to make your week easier

If you're going to do just one thing to make your week easier, what will it be?

Clearing off your kitchen counters and getting the dishes out of the sink? (Ahem, Hannah...)

Sitting down with your planner and mapping out what the week looks like for you, including evenings after work?

Collecting your shoe pile by the front door, pairing them correctly, and putting them in your closet?

Choose one task that will bring you a smile this week, knock it off your list today, and look forward to a happier week.


Your mission today: Do one thing for yourself and one task to make your week easier!

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