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8 Lessons I Learned From Taking A Road Trip Through 8 States

I just returned from a road trip that was planned yet unplanned, an unwritten book to fill in with new adventures each day. I learned along the way!


One Simple Trick To Keep Delicate Clothes Looking Great

I enjoy making laundry time simpler. Here’s one simple trick to keep delicate clothes looking their best while making laundry time easier for you.


Uplift Yourself, Be Confident, And Rise Above Self-Deprecation

I learned a life lesson during a job interview, and I have grown from it since. The gist of it is this: don’t ever think of yourself as “just” anything.


Make Grocery Shopping Super Simple With This Easy Trick

Have you ever gone to the store in a valiant attempt to buy what you need and not overbuy? Here’s a tip to simplify your grocery shopping…and mealtime!


Calling Fresh Laundry Lovers: Here’s A Trick You’ll Love

It’s amazing how one small change in a routine can make such a noticeable difference. This trick will definitely make you look forward to laundry day!


I Stopped Looking At My Life Through A Camera Lens And Started Living

I took tons of pictures until I realized I was looking at my life through a camera lens. I dropped my habit and started living my life through my own eyes.


Hooray! Riddles of Life Launches Today!

Today is the day! Riddles of Life is finally here. I needed a simpler way to navigate life’s challenges, so I created it. Today, I’m sharing it with you.

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