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Challenge Accepted: Build Deeper, Sincere Friendships

Making friends in a new city has its own obstacles, and one challenge is building deeper, sincere friendships. Here’s how you can build those friendships.


6 Ways A Clean Closet Will Make Your Life Feel Happier

How does a clean closet translate to happiness? Whether you’re obsessed with your closet or simply use it as a tool, your closet can impact your daily life.


3 Discoveries I Made At 120 Miles Per Hour (In The Sky)

Flying a plane teaches you a few important things about life. You can apply these lessons even if you don’t want to sit in the pilot’s seat of an airplane.


Just Graduated College? Here’s What You Need To Do

If you just graduated college, you might be wondering what the next step is. Here is what you need to do to be successful entering the workforce.


50 Summer Job Ideas: Make Money And Earn Experience

Whether want to pass time, gain experience, or earn money, you may find yourself looking for a summer job. Your mega list of summer job ideas awaits!

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Make Quick Work Of Saying “No” To Things You Don’t Want To Do

Have you been feeling strapped for time lately? Say “no” to unfulfilling busywork and “yes” to you. Your time is precious.


Pour Your Time Into Things That Make Your Life Happier

It’s fun to learn new things, but you don’t need to commit to everything. Focus on what matters to you most, and you’ll make life happier.


2 Quick Tips To Regain Control Of Your Work Email

Email can get out of hand quickly, especially at work. I’ll show you how to take a few minutes to get organized, improve your focus, and accomplish more.


Dealing With Insecurities Before They Swallow You Whole

Insecurities take the fun out of everything. They can swallow us whole, if we let them. Here’s how to deal with your insecurities next time they pop up.


Grant Yourself Permission To Make Mistakes And Move Forward

Sometimes life turns into a twisted Slinky. You’ve gotta give yourself permission to make mistakes, move forward, and live the life you want.


Four Life Lessons I Learned From Taking An Interviewing Class In College

I learned interviews aren’t just for jobs. Many common interactions you experience with coworkers, family, and friends are considered interview situations.


Eat The Frog: Stop Procrastinating And Do Something

Sometimes, we dread a project, deadline, or task, and wait until the last moment to make a decision. Let’s tackling the tough subject of procrastination.

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