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The Best $100 I Spend Each Year To Protect My Identity

Protecting my identity is important to me. I make it a point to set aside $100 each year to pay for a service that will monitor the safety of my identity.


Stop Clutter Regret In Its Ugly Tracks And Tackle Your Chores

Clutter regret is that special feeling reserved for the moment you look at your living space after a week’s worth of too much procrastination.


The Power Of Starting Small: Make Big Life Changes In Tiny Steps

There’s power in starting small. Instead of procrastinating or getting overwhelmed by a large project, make big progress in your life by taking small steps.


Beware Social Media, The Comparison Generator

Social media can feel like a blessing or a curse. Let’s talk about how we can get back to basics: appreciate our friends’ lives, share our own, and not lose any brain cells or self-esteem in the process.


How 25 Dollars Changed My Perspective And Increased My Confidence

When I made the decision to invest 25 dollars in myself each month, it changed my perspective, increased my confidence, and gave me financial freedom.

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Discover And Embrace Your Own Awesome Personality

At some point in your life, you may find yourself wondering: “Who am I?” Take time to self-reflect to discover and embrace your true personality.


Important Event Tomorrow? Science Says To Do This Simple Task Tonight

There’s a scientific reason you should eat a good meal the night before an important occasion. You’ll enjoy mental clarity and energy that can’t be fazed.


Dealing With Opposition From Every Which Way

No matter what you do in life, somebody will always oppose it. When they challenge your decisions, it’s up to you to be strong and keep your commitment.


Asking “Is This The Life I Want?” And Getting Answers

There will come a point in your life when you ask yourself, “Is this the life I want?” Get in the mindset of experimenting and get answers for yourself.


Little Things Make A Big Difference: Make Life Happier

Taking care of one small task can make life happier in a big way. Get started on the little project that will make your life simpler.


Write Out Your Plans To Focus Your Muddled Thoughts

Have you ever felt like there is just so much going on that it’s difficult to focus? When we feel overwhelmed, our thoughts become muddled and foggy.


5 Stages Of Emotions You’ll Experience Post-Graduation

The rollercoaster of emotions begins the moment you walk the stage at your ceremony. Who knew post-graduation required so much work?

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