It's up to you to make the choice.

It's easy to look at someone's life and assume they have it all together because the stars, planets, and galaxies aligned to create sheer perfection.

But the truth is this: We have to make the choice to make life simpler. It won't be simple without us making it that way.

Life will be complex on its own.

We have relationships and responsibilities that meld to create a unique mixture we call "life." We all have different mixtures of relationships and responsibilities, thus giving us unique lives.

Without us telling it to be otherwise, life will be complex on its own. It's up to us to decide we want life to be simpler. And then we view it in a way that is simpler.

We all make a poor decision sometimes. Some of us make a string of poor decisions, and we feel overwhelmed. But at any point, we can stop and say: "I want to make my life simpler."

It starts there.


I remember when I was at that point of my life.

Work, a relationship, school, friends, and family... I remember feeling so overwhelmed, I just wanted to quit everything.

That's no way to live life.

We've only got one life to live, and we know we should make the most of it. So why do we choose not to change?

Because we're afraid. Because we're scared we can't make life simpler, because we're dug in the mud pit way too deep.

Maybe it's true we're afraid, but for the wrong reasons. We can dig out of mud pits miles deep. It may not be easy, but it is always possible. Instead of being afraid of hard work, we should be afraid because we're not taking advantage of all the beautiful moments our lives have to offer.

Don't live your life in fear like that.

You're not average. You're you, and you've got a special life to live.

Make decisions for yourself. It's up to you to make the choice to make life simpler. If you don't make that choice, it won't happen.

Making the decision to make life simpler is the hardest part.

When you make the choice to make your life simpler, your journey begins. It doesn't matter how far in you think you are, or how much work you think you need to do. Here is the simple truth: Your journey starts in small steps.

Your journey starts when you make the choice to make life simpler.

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