How does a clean closet translate to happiness?

Happy closet, happy life

Have you ever heard the phrase "happy wife, happy life"?

It means when a foundational part of your life is happy, you will be too.

Whether you're obsessed with your closet or simply use it as a tool to get dressed in the mornings, you interact with your closet daily. That small space can impact how you go about your day — it's a foundational part of your day.

Even if you really don't like cleaning that much, or you're so-so about organizing, I bet you still love the feeling of having a fresh, clean closet.

6 Ways A Clean Closet Will Make Your Life Feel Happier

  1. No more hide-and-go-seek. Especially in the morning, when it’s enough just to drag yourself out of bed. There's not enough coffee in the world to make work-shirt hide-and-go-seek fun. What about that hot date you have tonight? You probably don’t want to run late because you were tripping on all your shoes scattered on the floor. Gulp.
  2. You can make better use of the clothes you love. Clothes are worthless if you don’t wear them! You can wear and enjoy what you have. Plus, if your clothes aren't crammed together, they have room to breathe and will smell better.
  3. You'll save money. Have you ever had to buy a duplicate of something because you couldn't find your original item? You'll save your hard-earned cash by not buying those duplicates.
  4. You can stop feeling guilty. There's a special kind of guilt reserved for the moment you look at your closet and think, Wow, I haven't worn some of these clothes and I don't like them anymore. If you clean out your closet, those guilty feelings will get cleaned out, too. No hard feelings.
  5. You'll learn more about yourself. More specifically, what you tend to buy and what you actually wear. Knowing yourself, you can adjust your buying habits to make purchases you only really love.
  6. Feel good about where your clothes are going. You can donate your clothes to your favorite cause or sell them to earn back some money. It’s a win-win situation either way you choose!

Feeling inspired to clean out your closet?

I have a Guide (and Fast Track!) just for you. It’s the system I used to clean out my own closet and donate more than 300 pieces to charity.

By the end of it all, I actually looked forward to getting dressed in the morning (and for all the mornings after that).


How does a clean closet make your life happier? Share with our community and help us get inspired!

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