When I Feel Like I’m Drowning, Here’s How I Handle It


There are times in my life when challenges and obstacles feel so overwhelming, I feel like I’m drowning. When we encounter this growing sense of overwhelm, it’s important to take care of it right away. I’ll show you how I swim to shore (and get past that drowning feeling), even when it doesn’t feel possible.

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How To Create Your First Budget Right After College


Take it from an expert: Creating a budget is a simple, yet highly effective way to help you take stock of where you’re at and make a plan to achieve your financial goals. Budgeting guru and Topic Expert Raya Reaves shares her best budgeting tips and shows you how you can create your first budget right after college.

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How To Make Friends In A New City


For the first 21 years of my life, I knew how to find friends: school, work, extracurricular activities. I always had the convenience of proximity. All my friends came from the places I went. When I graduated from college, I found myself in a whole new world. My new “proximity” is a day at a coffee shop, another at a park, another at my computer at home. The question haunted me for months: how do I find real, caring friends in a new city?

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